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Bleeding bandaged thumb with Stops Bleeding™ pouch
“I cut off part of my finger using my table saw and was able to stop the bleeding with just one 20 gram pouch of StopsBleeding™ and I am on blood thinners — it really works!” — Howard W., Waynesboro, PA

4 20g Stops Bleeding Pouches Simply add StopsBleeding™ to the wound, apply pressure, and hold until bleeding stops. StopsBleeding™ doesn't burn or cauterize the wound—instead, it concentrates the platelets and other clotting factors in the blood to form a rapidly accelerated clot the way the body naturally would. StopsBleeding™ is safe in the wound, and also absolutely works for people on blood thinners. Don't be without it!

Clots Blood on Contact

  • FDA Cleared for Moderate to Severe Bleeding
  • Safe in the Wound
  • StopsBleeding™ is Guaranteed to Stop Bleeding In Any Wound that is Open or Accessible (some of these wounds would be considered an off-label use, according to the FDA)
  • Take the Fear Out of Bleeding
  • Non-Stinging, Soothing, Hypoallergenic, Sterile, Safe and Affordable
  • Absolutely Works for Blood Thinner Patients

Clinically Proven - FDA Cleared

StopsBleeding™ is FDA Cleared for Moderate to Severe Bleeding

Made in USA

Proudly made in the USA